Now when we say we can help you import goods from other countries to support your venture, we say it in a very confident tone. Reason why we claim what we claim is because we are among those very few companies you have ‘E-waste License’.

The prime countries we work with are Korea and China. We not only can get you the products but can get them at a very effective cost. We have helped many companies in past and they had a wonderful working experience with us.

Importing goods can be overwhelming, if you are unaware about the process. We act a right fit between you and your product and make sure that your good are delivered to you in prime manner in lest possible time.

From managing documentation to getting all the necessary deals done to make shipment possible, you can leave everything to us. We will cover your every corner and make sure that no base is left untouched. To discuss the scope and scenario in this in more detail, you can contact us anytime.