Outsourcing Tenders

We work in 2 ways:

We give project on Project Management Unit also called as PMO

We will take full responsibility of the task and will get it completed, in other complete outsourcing of the task In both the scenarios, we will be giving full attention to the entire process. We will make sure that the task is completed with full care and attention. In case of complete outsource, we even outsource work with hardware and equipment So in case you need to outsource any project including the hardware’s, equipment’s and its fitting we can help you with that as well.

We can support you with anything that is related to public dealing like: documentation collection, installation, survey or distribution or anything that is strictly related to ground level. We support vendors at Pan Level, so if for example a project has to be worked in Delhi, we will arrange local vendor only.

This way vendor won’t have to worry about any extra cost or connectivity. We had completed some mighty projects and have completed them with great success. We understand what it takes to make any project successful. We will support your project from start to the finish to ensure it is carried out just in a way you want it to be.