Message To Companies

More than a message this is food for a thought, something that can benefit all the parties that are involved in a project. So we request the companies to read and understand this carefully.

We request all the companies to have some amount of flexibility in their ‘eligibility criteria’. By doing this not only will they be speeding up this entire process but will also end up saving their cost and valuable time.

The reason we why are raising this point here is because some companies have their own set of stringent eligibility criteria which at times make it impossible for the ground level vendor to compete.

Now, what companies do here is they shut down the vendor completely, and then some other companies that meet the company’s criteria come in the picture and bid for the same and win that tender to become the prime vendor.

After getting the tender the same company, which is now the prime vendor then outsource the work to the same ground level vendor. To put it simple the whole cycle revolves around to reach where it originally started.

This way company not only ends up paying more but also loses out on its valuable time.