This was a crucial project as it deals directly with the safety of the people and we knew that we have to play it well to ensure that this scheme runs in right gear. For those who are not aware about this process, here is a brief discussion with the role we played in making it success.

Speed governor is a speed limiting device which either acts on the fuel supply line or the accelerator to control the speed at a specified speed. 

It is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which constantly monitors the speed of a vehicle and controls the vehicle speed within the preset limit.

As per National Crime Records Bureau Data (2011), road accident deaths in India account for the highest amongst unnatural deaths with over 35% of total causes of deaths.

Road Safety Council under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to State Government to implement the speed governor norms to limit the exceeding road accidents in the states. 

Over speeding causes the maximum accidents. Thus the solution lies in controlling over speeding of transport vehicles thereby inducing discipline amongst drivers through use of technology. Speed Governors is such a device that restricts the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset limit.

Speed Governor consists of three basic components:

  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU): The Brain of SG regulates the fuel flow to engine by controlling the Solenoid valve.
  • Fuel Control Valve / Actuator: Regulates the fuel flow to the engine based on the vehicle speed.
  • Speed Sensor: Fitted on the Vehicle Gearbox. Measures the Vehicle speed and transmits to the ECU.

The advantages of the Speed Governor are:

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