DDUGY (DEENDAYAL UPADHAYA GRAM JYOTI YOJANA) addresses the key concern of electricity distribution in rural areas. The availability of power supply in rural areas is inadequate and unreliable and this is what Government of India wants to solve with this scheme. The demand for electricity and other key amenities in increasing every day in rural areas due to their consumption of power and changing lifestyle. Therefore, strengthening and augmentation of sub-transmission and distribution infrastructure is considered necessary to ensure reliable and quality power supply in rural areas.


Govt. of India launched Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Yyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) in 2014 with the following components:

(i)     Separation of agriculture and non-agriculture feeders for supply to agricultural & non-agricultural consumers in the rural areas for effective demand side management.

(ii) Strengthening and augmentation of sub-transmission & distribution (ST&D) infrastructure in rural areas, including metering at distribution transformers, feeders and consumer end.

(iii) Rural electrification.

Board Objective of the Scheme:

Scope of the work:

Arihant Solutions Role

Rural areas in India are progressing and are progressing fast. Government of India is working hard to make sure that responsible companies in each sector work in tandem with them to improve the electricity situations in these areas.

Arihant Solutions have vendors which have Electric License and experience of installing all range of electrical lines (In detail Poles, HT Cables, LT cables, Distribution Transformers, Meters, Earthing Circuits)  and other equipments that are already working with Various companies.